Top 5 Da Nang Nightlife Spots You Can’t Miss

Top 5 Da Nang Nightlife Spots You Can’t Miss


Da Nang 다낭가라오케, Vietnam, a lively coastal gem renowned for its breathtaking beaches and deep cultural legacy, also flaunts a vibrant nightlife brimming with options. Whether you seek high-energy clubs or intimate bars with live music, Da Nang has it all. Join us in unveiling the top 5 nightlife destinations in Da Nang that you absolutely must experience.

1. Sky36 Club

Discover Sky36 Club, the ultimate nightlife destination in Da Nang. Situated atop Novotel Da Nang Premier Han River, it boasts stunning panoramic views of the Han River and skyline. With a modern ambiance, state-of-the-art lighting, and an electrifying atmosphere, Sky36 is the highest rooftop bar in the city.


  • Panoramic Views: Enjoy spectacular views while sipping on signature cocktails.
  • Live DJs: Dance the night away to the beats of renowned local and international DJs.
  • Exclusive Vibe: Perfect for those seeking a luxurious and high-energy nightlife experience.

2. Waterfront Bar

Located on the vibrant Bach Dang Street, Waterfront Bar is a beloved meeting place for locals and tourists alike. This inviting bar exudes a casual atmosphere with comfortable seating that provides a picturesque view of the Han River. Guests can delight in a diverse array of beverages, featuring local brews and tantalizing cocktails, all served by our amiable staff.


  • Riverfront Location: Ideal for a chill evening with friends while enjoying the cool river breeze.
  • Live Music: Experience live performances by talented local bands.
  • Affordable Drinks: Budget-friendly options without compromising on quality.

3. New Phuong Dong Nightclub

For those seeking a more lively and energetic nightlife experience, New Phuong Dong Nightclub is the place to be. Located in the heart of Da Nang, this iconic nightclub has been entertaining guests for decades with its vibrant atmosphere and pulsating music. The club features multiple dance floors, VIP lounges, and regular themed parties that keep the crowd entertained until the early hours.


  • Diverse Music: Dance to a mix of EDM, hip-hop, and Vietnamese pop music.
  • Themed Events: Enjoy themed nights such as retro parties or international DJ events.
  • Late-Night Vibes: Open until late, making it perfect for night owls and party enthusiasts.

4. Bamboo2 Bar

Nestled in the lively expat area of An Thuong, Bamboo2 Bar offers a cozy and intimate setting away from the bustling city center. This charming bar is known for its laid-back vibe, friendly staff, and diverse menu of drinks. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic cocktail or a locally brewed beer, Bamboo2 Bar has something to satisfy every palate.


  • Relaxed Atmosphere: Perfect for unwinding after a day of exploring Da Nang.
  • Outdoor Seating: Enjoy alfresco dining and drinks under the stars.
  • Community Feels: Meet fellow travelers and ex-pats in a welcoming environment.

5. Luna Pub

Nestled in a serene corner of Da Nang, Luna Pub presents a distinctive nocturnal adventure centered on artisanal brews and live performances. The intimate setting boasts a charming rustic design, decked with antique embellishments that foster a cozy and welcoming environment for patrons. Luna Pub stands out for its wide array of both local and international beers, establishing itself as a beloved hub for aficionados of fine brews.


  • Craft Beers: Explore a wide range of artisanal beers from across Vietnam and beyond.
  • Live Music: Enjoy acoustic performances by talented local musicians.
  • Casual Setting: Ideal for a relaxed evening with friends or solo travelers.


In conclusion, Da Nang boasts a vibrant nightlife scene that caters to a variety of tastes and preferences. Whether you seek to dance the night away in a high-energy nightclub, savor cocktails with a view, or unwind in a cozy pub, Da Nang has it all. These top 5 nightlife spots provide a glimpse into the rich entertainment options awaiting you in this coastal gem of Vietnam. So, gather your friends, plan your evening, and delve into the finest of Da Nang after hours!

This comprehensive guide to Da Nang’s nightlife spots ensures you won’t miss out on any of the city’s top-rated venues. Whether you’re a resident or a traveler exploring Vietnam, these spots promise unforgettable evenings filled with music, drinks, and the vibrant energy that defines Da Nang after hours.