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Why do only certain educators voice their opinions and stand up for positive change in education?

It is really fascinating how the 80/20 rule is profoundly proven in today's world of education.  There are many theories on why such a small subset of all educators identify themselves and take action against systems they know are negative.  Some are afraid, some are accustomed to be told what they should do and how they should do it, some have become so cynical after long years of burnout, that they simply have no hope in any kind of change, and others..who knows... An old American syaing: "If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you always got."  Not all people living in the civil war era stiood against slavery, not everyone stood up for women's rights, not everyone stood up against the Viet Nam War, or any wars.  What is the special facet of a person who is willing to be a catalyst for change?  How do people who stand by and do nothing justify it?  What are your thoughts?


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That is an interesting and thought provoking question. I think there are several different answers. Some people may feel they don't really know what they stand for. Some people may think they know what they stand for, but are afraid they might be wrong about the side they are on. Some people find it easier staying in the middle and trying to understand both sides.

Its time for teachers to stand up and speak up. Most teachers in most school systems are abused and disrespected on a daily basis. New teachers leave in droves within 5 years. The American Public School system is a miserable one with no standardization and little if any respectability.
Teachers have no say and yet get all the blame for it. Teacher talk should start now. Those who are too afraid are not needed here.

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