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What does it mean to become an official member of One Voice?         
The audience of One Voice spans 61 countries and is nearing 100,000
subscribers, and many educators with it submit their scholarly works for
presentation and publication, choosing One Voice as a platform upon which to
raise their voices.  To become an official member of One Voice is to define one's
self as strong supporter of an organization of advocacy for educators and
students, of positive critical change in education, through a commitment to
action not just discussion.  Official members step up, speak up, and get up to do
whats needed for the children of the world who deserve a good education, future
citizens and leaders of the world.

Who is eligible to become an official member of One Voice?
Educators are invited to become members of One Voice, which includes but is
not limited to teachers, instructors, trainers, lecturers, professors, holders of
single or multiple doctoral degrees, and others who advance the knowledge and
learning of students both in the academic, corporate and other less traditional

What are the privileges of official membership of One Voice?    
In addition to recognition as one described above, One Voice Official Members
are welcomed and appreciated by the Board and staff of The One Voice Institute
of Elemental Ethics and Education  Tokens of this appreciation exclusively
reserved for members include:

  • Discounts on registration for all One Voice events ($50 per event)
  • 10% Discounts on all purchases through the One Voice online store of
    books or products
  • 10% Discounts on contributing author's reservation of first-run copies of
    the hardbound One Voice Collection of Scholarly Works
  • 2 Free Signature Gifts  chosen specially for One Voice Members
  • Recognition at all One Voice International Events and on the One Voice
  • Official Membership Card

What is the fee for official membership in One Voice?
In fee to become an official member of One Voice for one year is $175.

Multiple year membership fees are as follows:
Two - year:   $250.
Three - year: $325.

How can one register as an official member of One Voice?
One can register quickly and easily online through the One Voice Online store.